Are you trying to figure out what to study?

Choosing what you should study, often at a time when you are completely over study as it is, can be a huge challenge. Especially late in your high school years when you’re asked to make crucial decisions about your long-term future, you’ve usually been in the school system for at least a decade. And it’s rarely easier when you’re at a crossroads later in life, with bills to pay and potentially a family to support.

How often do you make important, sound decisions under such pressure? How are you supposed to know what you should choose as a career path, what you will find interesting and be good at, and which jobs will help you achieve the lifestyle you want?

The new way of studying is online

There’s no doubt that online study is going to be a massive part of the future of education. Investment companies are pushing money into start-ups that provide short courses and full tertiary qualifications. Universities are providing courseware via correspondence to meet the needs of a demanding audience. The flexibility offered makes online education suitable for those in remote areas, those without the time to travel to a place of study, or especially those juggling study and employment together in order to make ends meet or just get ahead.

Fortunately, every university can provide some level of advice in the sorts of study available and that would suit you. This assistance should not be ignored!

See what courses you could study online and get advice now.

A top recommendation is for Open Universities Australia. They’ve been around for over 15 years and offer courses from all the major universities that you recognise and that employers trust. They can advise you on any financial assistance options that might be available to you, including HECS, FEE-HELP, scholarships and awards, Austudy or Youth Allowance.

But most importantly, their student advisors can help with any course advice you might need, including helping you find what you should study. When you’re ready, they’ll assist you with your enrolment, study plans and answer all of your questions. Click here for more information.

Learn online at your own pace. Open Universities Australia offer open and flexible access to online higher education anytime, anywhere.

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