Society brainwashed us. It makes us to believe that we need to exchange money for our time. When we graduated, we should go apply and ensure that we find work. The labor market is our boss. Money gets us small. You should listen to your boss, or you get fired and you will never find more work, but this is not thought to a large extent between our ears?

We are much free than being led to believe us. If you do not like your current job, please resign. Find work you love doing. It makes no sense to live in an environment that you do not like the half of your life while you are doing things that you hate, but just because you need money. If you do what you love to do, the money will come to you in many cases in a natural way. I’m not saying you stay idle. Even if you do what you love to do, you will have to work hard. Yet this hard work is not hard because it’s your passion.

The rich attitude

Here is something very important: 99% of the rich people have become rich by their attitude about money, and not by luck. The right attitude, of course, combined with smart and hard work, has ensured that these people have a lot of money.

Time is money

In a sense this is true. Time is definitely equals money, but not as most sees it. A large part of the population is with the idea in their head that you have to work to get certain sum of money. Do you think by working in factory or office your whole life will make you rich? Now imagine that you get $ 100 per hour for your work. By working within the same facility do you think you will be rich? The reality is different. You build nothing on your work. You will always get the same income after 20 years of loyal service, you will perhaps get a bonus or promotion, but you still have not acquired additional skills. Your money will never start multiply by itself. You are always concerned about your little money. This is the poor man’s mentality.

Time is money in a different way…

Now imagine that you learn something about the stock market. You invest the money you earn in the factory in companies or businesses. At the moment you let your money work for you! Without your physical involvement, you earn each year a sum of money. In the beginning, the sum will obviously be very small, but this does not matter as long as you understand the underlying concept…

You will make many mistakes on the way. You will very much likely to fail. You will want to give up much. It is important that you know that these failures are necessary for your success. They are learning from experiences. If there is not such an incredibly difficult period would precede success, everyone would be successful.

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift heavy weights”
~ Ronnie Coleman

A passive income, how do you do that?

When I tell people about my ideas about earning passive money, they’re always in discussion. Some are mildly interested, but most find it a ridiculous idea. They tell me I should stop dreaming. They take the concept of time and money literally shows me that I trade my time for money. Obviously this is the case, just as you should not take the Bible literally; you should also try to understand the meaning. Behind this concept put your prejudices aside and think just as quiet about it. Money brings more money with it. It is a sad fact of life. Smart use of time and good ideas are of enormous importance, if you want to be successful. It is actually possible to create for yourself a passive income.

“In both cases, they knew I was not rich, nor was I living high on the hog. I simply lived a fairly middle-class life from a material point of view. Yet, from a lifestyle point of view, I was going to different places meeting different people working on interesting projects spending time on things that matter to me largely working on my own timetable. I had the monetary freedom and time freedom to do so. There is no personal freedom … if you have no time freedom. You do not have personal freedom useful if you do not have some degree of monetary freedom. You must have both”
~ Matthew S. Chan


To still like to clarify that this is not about making money quickly or easily clear:

“You’ve got to work at it … really, really hard, or at for years. May it not come until you’re on the verge of giving up? And, the prime motivator is rarely the desire to get rich or retire early, but rather the mad passion to solve a problem, make a difference or do something better.”
~ Jonathan Fields

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